The School

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At Montessori Children Academy, it is our philosophy that we view the child as our leaders. It is an environment that children are given the freedom to grow, explore and develop their own unique characteristics.

Our promise to our parents is that at the end of the learning journey with Montessori Children Academy, aside from preparing them for Primary School, our young graduates would understand these very important concepts; -

  1. Everything in the environment has a name, thus creating an able communicator is confident to express their thoughts.
  2. Everything in the environment has a place, thus creating an individual who has the inner structure and order to gain an in depth understanding of his role in the environment. We want to develop the child’s power of will and not make the child listens through forced obedience.
  3. Everything in the environment has a usage, thus creating an independent child who knows the usage of things that he can use to assist him in his daily life. We aim to develop a child who is a master of his own environment.
  4. Everyone in the environment needs to be loved and respected; thus, creating a loving and caring child with a deep understanding of important moral values.
  5. An in-depth understanding of Mathematics, Science and Language concepts through the Montessori Methodology, thus preparing the child for his next phase of higher learning.