A lot of unhappiness and complaints are generated from a lack of communication between the school and the parents. We promote open communication from the parents to the school as well. It is only through constant interaction and feedback, we are able to improve our standing as a school. Some of our initiatives to ensure that these are fulfilled will be as follow: –

  • Our teachers are all trained in “Effective Communications Skills with Parents” and the importance of keeping the parents up to date with the daily activities.
  • We will also be organizing periodic workshops of relevance for our parents.
  • Parents can also volunteer to take a day off from their hectic corporate jobs to be a teacher for a day at our school!
  • Termly Parents Teacher Meeting
  • We will be organizing periodic interesting and fun events for parents , child and teachers bonding.

With these in place, happy parents, happy teachers equate to a happy child! There is nothing more important than seeing our young leaders smiling and happy every day!