About Us

The world is developing at a such an exponential rate and nations working towards being a SMART Nation, it is the bleak truth that there will be a lot of underprivileged children that gets left behind in this process. Children are the most important resources of the world.
Montessori Children Academy was born out of a dream of reaching out to these under-privileged children of our society; providing them with quality education, providing them with the opportunity for a fair shot in life.

To provide a happy and environment where our young leaders will be empowered with the concept of self-belief. Nurturing them into the thinking leaders of tomorrow who possess high intellectual concepts along with the ability to appreciate the values of morality and humanity in an inclusive learning environment.

To create a platform for the deliverance of quality pre-school education in Indonesia. Empowering and cultivating our next generation of leaders, where no one gets left behind through our work.

No one said it will be easy, but here we are today, standing proudly as Montessori Children Academy championing this cause.